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Product Name: Half Day Diet

Author Name: Nate Miyaki

Bonus: Yes

Official Website: halfdaydiet.com

Half Day Diet Review

Half Day Diet Review

Due to increasing obesity and health problems, many people use different diet programs. Different diets can limit or even block your carbohydrate intake. One of them is the Atkins program, whose main goal is to reduce carbohydrate intake. This includes foods containing ingredients such as refined grains and sugar to reduce fat. According to Nate Miyaki, these diet programs really don’t work. He thinks that one of the issues is that it’s hard to maintain in the long run. This may be due to some factors, such as overeating and uncontrolled appetite. This is also one of the reasons he developed this Half Day Diet program. Miyaki wants people to enjoy carbohydrates and convince the body to burn more fat. You can check this review to learn more about this program.

What is Half Day Diet?

“Half Day Diet” is a weight loss program created by fitness master Nate Miyaki. It is available in e-book format and can able to download it when you buy this program. The main book has about 200 pages. The goal of this weight loss program is that you can reduce weight if your diet only lasts half a day.

Half Day Diet General

Nate teaches you how to eat so that your body burns fat, but you don’t feel hungry. The program explains that many people consume carbohydrates at the wrong time of day, saving energy in the form of fat. This book promises to explain what foods to eat and when to maintain a healthy schedule. This explains that the best way to lose weight is not to completely eliminate carbohydrates.

How does Half Day Diet Works?

The basic rule of Half Day Diet is to eat other types of food during the day and carbohydrates at night. This method may seem absurd, but Nate says starving carbohydrates burn calories faster during the day. The idea is to cheat the body so that it believes you are on a low carbohydrate diet. This program also ensures that your body stops eating food at odd hours of the night. Nate calls this condition a carbohydrate loop that is responsible for constant weight gain. This program provides tips on eating healthy carbohydrates at night and losing weight. Losing and controlling carbs to lose weight is important because it affects the amount of insulin in your body. But this program shows that weight loss doesn’t require you to give up carbohydrates, all you need to know is the right time to eat them.

Half Day Diet Plan

What is included in The Half Day Diet?

  • First and second section of this guide provides an introduction and a basic history of program development and design.
  • The third section of the Half Day Diet contains the essence of the program and is divided into 15 sections.
  • The fourth section discusses the nutrient counting supplement and food regimen.
  • The fifth sections describe the typical problems people face when trying to lose weight and how to overcome them.
  • The sixth section contains information about the manufacturer’s biography.


  • Restaurant & Fast Food Survival Guide
  • The Happy Hour Handbook
  • Vegetarian Diet Ebook
  • The Holiday Fat Loss Manual
  • The Flat Belly Platinum Club

Half Day Diet Bonus


  • With the Half Day Diet, you can still eat carbohydrates.
  • This diet program will help you adapt as soon as you see the changes.
  • Full and detailed nutrition information is available here.
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle focused on long-term weight loss.
  • This diet program does not require a strong will.
  • The ebook is covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • This guide is only available in digital format.
  • You must follow this program for at least a few weeks to get noticeable results.

Half Day Diet Testimonial


One of the reasons for gaining weight is lifestyle and eating habits. If you learn to eat, what to eat and when to eat, you will lose weight alone. Nate Miyaki discovered and introduced this process Half Day Diet. Now it is one of the best diet programs on the market. No exercise or additional requirements are needed. All you have to do is to follow Nate’s instructions and then enjoy the positives. Half Day Diet is an effective and proven weight loss program that helps you easily attain your weight loss goals. It is divided into different sections to help you follow your diet plan and methods.

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