The amount of tension the Taser has determined its braking force. If the device can deliver several million volts, it has high braking power. Combat Fighter Review This means that the attacker or attacker you are going to use the stun gun on will be easily immobilized.

Combat Fighter Review

It’s also bad enough that statistics show that nearly 80% of Americans will fall victim to crime at some point in their lives. To make these mistakes even worse, most people aren’t even prepared when something happens.

Women, who generally have a small bag, can only comfortably carry a small stun gun. Combat Fighter Testimonials And men can also conveniently carry a small stun gun in their pocket. A small device is advantageous as many would like to wear such a self-defense device daily.

Combat Fighter Review

ATMs changed the way world banking. Primitive ATMs were first introduced in the late 1960s but only caught on in the 1980s. Combat Fighter Audiobook Before ATMs became part of mainstream banking, people only had access to their money during normal business hours.

As their popularity grew, customers enjoyed the convenience of accessing their money 24 hours a day. But with added convenience, a new kind of crime has come; ATM robberies.

Thieves could now turn off the ATM and wait for an unsuspecting victim to withdraw the money or use a gun to force someone to withdraw a large amount of money. Daily photo-taking limits and surveillance cameras have not slowed down the pace of these crimes.

While ATMs are available 24 hours a day, that doesn’t mean they are always safe to use.

Combat Fighter Training Kit There are very few ATM robberies after one in the morning as few people are dumb enough to use an ATM during these hours. Think about it, no criminal wants to wait an hour or more for a chance to show up.

Most of them are too lazy to wait that long and risk being detected by a suspicious agent.

The vast majority of ATM robberies occur between 8:00 PM and 1:00 AM. The reason is simple: there are not many witnesses around and the thief is protected by a veil of darkness.

Aquanet Hairspray Diversion Safe – hidden in plain sight

Did you know that experienced robbers know the most popular hiding places? They know where you hide your money, jewelry, expensive gadgets, and the like. Of course, the target is also an exposed large-screen TV.

Several studies show that robbers spend an average of 8 minutes in stolen houses. This gives them enough time to commit their crime and quickly enough not to get caught. You can bet they’ll go straight to the most popular hideouts and be there with a few bags of loot.

Have you ever heard the saying “hide in plain sight”? In some cases, this is even the best option. For example, let’s go home.

Since robbers are always in a hurry, they skip things that are of no value to them, such as a container of hairspray. Combat Fighter Secret To Wealth Wouldn’t it make sense to use Aquanet Hairspray Diversion Safe?

Of course, it cannot be used as a hairspray. You’re going to use it to hide valuables in plain sight. Combat Fighter Emergency Tips From the outside, it looks exactly like a hairspray.

No self-respecting robber will take it, considering he is in a hurry; they won’t check it either. Sounds like a perfect hiding place for your money, jewelry, and the like!

Improvised self-defense items

As often as attacks have occurred in America, you’d think the average person would be better prepared. Combat Fighter Learning But the sad reality is that most people are not only mentally unprepared but also physically unprepared.

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It is bad enough that the average person does not pay attention to their surroundings when getting in and out. It is enough for the average person to talk on a cell phone on the way to their destination, unaware of their surroundings.

We live in a violent world and the thought of becoming a victim is a very unpleasant thought that scares most people.

So instead of facing this fear, they choose to ignore it and keep this information in the farthest corners of their brain so that they don’t have to face that fear. This is human nature; avoid what hurts us.

Well, this way of thinking will lead to devastating consequences and even death.  Combat Fighter Does It Work You just can’t count on someone else to protect you.

You will inevitably find yourself in a dangerous situation sooner or later; in a parking garage at night with no one around, driving alone in an unfamiliar place, or crossing a parking lot to reach your destination.

Choosing the right stun gun

Stun weapons are very useful self-defense devices. Their goal is to stop the attacker without causing permanent damage. For people planning to buy a stun gun for personal use, there are 4 important points to consider.

The first thing many would readily recognize as a category when buying is its power. There are stun guns that can deliver as little as a million volts. There are also people with moderate abilities.

Combat Fighter System These are the ones that can deliver about 2-3 million volts. For policemen or others who want a more effective Taser weapon, they can use those with over 4 million volts.

Please note that the amount of braking force to be used may depend on local laws and regulations. There may be countries that legally allow the use of a Taser gun that does not have very high braking power.

Another point to consider is that the size of the product can affect the braking force of the device. This is because it is difficult to force too much force into a very small container.

So don’t expect a Taser to be 4 million volts when it’s the size of a lipstick cylinder. Combat Fighter Program So far it will be very hard to find. Size matters as there are women and even men who don’t want to carry a not-so-portable device all day long.

Tell me about the tranquilizer guns

I believe in our “Right to Bear Arms”. Though I don’t like the idea of ​​shooting and killing someone. Found a reasonable alternative that I think is worth considering. Stun guns are a “non-lethal” way of self-defense.

What is a stun gun? What is a tranquilizer gun and how do they differ? Tasers fire 2 darts attached to 15 feet of wire. High voltage flows through the wires and into the attacker’s body.

Stun guns use high voltage and low current to temporarily eliminate an attacker for a few minutes. Combat Fighter Magazine The S-gun is not about pain for results.

The energy stored in the weapon is sucked into the attacker’s muscles, causing loss of balance and muscle control, disorientation, and confusion.

The S-gun also interrupts the neurological impulses that control and guide voluntary muscle movement. When the attacker’s musculature is overwhelmed and controlled by the tranquilizer gun, he loses balance.

You may be wondering how much voltage is enough? It depends on your situation. If you’re a woman and you don’t want someone to see you with a baton gun, you may want a handy handheld tranquilizer gun that you can tuck in your bag.

However, if you want people to see that you are ready to defend yourself, at least buy a more visible stun gun.

Advantages of taking small shock absorbers with you

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Dangers are everywhere, even at home. We hear everywhere about theft, rape, kidnapping, and murder. Combat Fighter PDF These events are clear manifestations that will strike criminals wherever they choose, especially when the opportunity presents itself.

Due to these dangers, it is no longer safe to walk the streets alone or be at home without proper self-defense equipment.

With the growing trend of crime around the world, the problem among ordinary people is how to protect yourself from danger. How can we protect ourselves and our loved ones from these threats and risks?

Are there affordable or practical ways to integrate safety and security, both within and outside the community? How can you protect yourself or your family when there are no policemen to protect you?

With the growing number of different forms and types of crime, it is best to have self-defense equipment or protective devices with you wherever you go.

Combat Fighter Benefits Of these tools, stun guns or stun guns are the most preferred due to their small size.